Aion 6.5 CHALLENGE - From Ancient To Ultimate +15 Guide

3889 просмотров Опубликовано: 11.05.2019
In this short video I will explain you, the viewer, how to upgrade any ancient (weak) item to ultimate +15 (very strong and trendy). In my case, I wanted to get an extra weapon. Every gladiator should have at least 3 weapons, it's common knowledge. Will I make it? At what cost? I do not know. I hate enchanting in this game. Shoutout to Vegas 16 crashing 20 times during the rendering of this video.
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 16 минут назад
Forgot the most important step: buy the ancient weapon first, otherwise you will have nothing to upgrade.
Аватарка sekrani chouaib
sekrani chouaib 33 минут назад
last step stop playing this game XD you one shot people or get one shot there no middle land
Аватарка xeiina Cleric
xeiina Cleric 54 минут назад
Аватарка hakanK
hakanK 55 минут назад
What stats did you use for your ultimate pvp shoes? I went for phys, mag defence speed and crit since i wanna have more defence over that 400,500 hp
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 73 минут назад
For shoes I recommend the same you did, more effective than hp
Аватарка myralinda
myralinda 87 минут назад
on ultimate items is better to use ultimate after +12 or +13 :) since it wont go down you wasted more legendary stuff trying to make it +14 if u craft the stones is easier 5 legendary = 1 ultimate if fail dont go back to 10
Аватарка myralinda
myralinda 101 минут назад
+Nuke i use ulti from +9 to +10 and from +12++
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 113 минут назад
absolutely, I advise to use ultimate from +13! here I was just playing around a bit, and I prefer not to use too many ultimate stones
Аватарка Skizor
Skizor 125 минут назад
And I am here after 17 daevanion chests still no attack position ud83eudd14
Аватарка Skizor
Skizor 149 минут назад
+Nuke got it twice yesterday btw but i believe attack position is far more important than pull :/
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 155 минут назад
I still got no wild leap pull skill :(
Аватарка Spyros Lykoudis
Spyros Lykoudis 170 минут назад
Hey Nuke!
Iu2019ve decided to come back to Aion in about a months time, after Iu2019m done with exams, and Iu2019m torn choosing between the two warrior classes. Iu2019m most likely gonna play a glad, however I like both and Iu2019ve heard that the temp has been buffed in 6.5. I know that the glad can do good dps in pve, but has the temp caught up with some decent dps relatively? How good/wanted are they both in pve and solo/group pvp?

Sorry if the question is kinda long :)
Аватарка Spyros Lykoudis
Spyros Lykoudis 184 минут назад
Thanks for the reply, Iu2019m gonna go glad I think, keep up the good work :)
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 186 минут назад
I suggest glad between the two for a set of reasons. Glad requires less money (less items), does not need all +9 stigmas, does more dmg than templar, is generally more wanted. Templar is a good utility character, still quite annoying in 1v1 but in my opinion shines for its bodyguard, pulls and group buffs. The 6.5 glad is not overpowered as 6.0 > 6.2, however it is an honest character.
Аватарка C267915 Escobar
C267915 Escobar 205 минут назад
+13 to +15 using ult stone is actually better
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 218 минут назад
Did not have many ults to use but yes you are right
Аватарка Bloop
Bloop 238 минут назад
Aion should die once and for all tbh, there are much better games like C9 out there...
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 253 минут назад
they are both shit tbh
Аватарка Bloop
Bloop 261 минут назад
+Nuke ncsoft and gameforge are far worse
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 283 минут назад
A game by webzen? No thanks
Аватарка Dale Engelbert
Dale Engelbert 299 минут назад
And you have to do this x16 for all your for a full set. Not to mention skill enchanting ud83dude02

P.S. a friend in-game got +15 ulti weapon using 35 legendary pvp stones ROFL
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 308 минут назад
It was not my best luck I am afraid
Аватарка Rafael Bertholdo
Rafael Bertholdo 316 минут назад
Wtf 3 Luna to retune stats? What server is this? Na is 160 Luna
Аватарка myralinda
myralinda 326 минут назад
+Nuke just buying by ncoin because the quest for free luna is bugged and we get only 3 luna xD and 3 luna are uselesss...
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 348 минут назад
do you have in game sources for luna ?
Аватарка myralinda
myralinda 360 минут назад
+Nuke basically on eu for 10 euro u get 33.33 luna retunes, on NA for 13 euro we get 10 retunes :D
Аватарка myralinda
myralinda 375 минут назад
+Nuke here 1600 luna = 15 dolar and every tune cost 160 on ultimate
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 386 минут назад
Aion europe official server, may be possible that we have different pricing. Here 100 luna = 10u20ac
Аватарка Hazaa Alsaidi
Hazaa Alsaidi 404 минут назад
lol ppl still playing this shit??!
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 417 минут назад
No this is a stunt double
Аватарка Yanami Neko
Yanami Neko 430 минут назад
It's so sad what this game has become...
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 443 минут назад
The enchanting system is frustrating to say the least
Аватарка OneEyedJack
OneEyedJack 459 минут назад
enchant rate in game sucks .... but i manage to ench my ulti key with only legendary stones
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 479 минут назад
It's possible, I did some items the same way
Аватарка 236
236 493 минут назад
props for keeping it real !
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 510 минут назад
I did it for science
Аватарка MohondhaY
MohondhaY 520 минут назад
2.2bil Kinah OMG!
Аватарка Cebu Homeph
Cebu Homeph 527 минут назад
it's kinda small knowing prices of the items are pretty expensive
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 549 минут назад
From 2.2 to 1.8!
Аватарка Xeixei
Xeixei 568 минут назад
Wasn't gs better?
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 575 минут назад
GS is better, but I wanted to have both for different uses. I socketed my pole into full attack, losing 1% crit, but having 200 ish more att. I plan to use it like I would generally use an extend, because of the 0.5m range
Аватарка u03a0u03b9u03bdu03ccu03bau03b9u03bf Geppetto
u03a0u03b9u03bdu03ccu03bau03b9u03bf Geppetto 598 минут назад
Ok now iam really sure I will never get my weapon ultimate +15
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 612 минут назад
I believe in you
Аватарка mrAskra
mrAskra 617 минут назад
secondo te come conviene pietrare il set legendary?(dato che per l'ultimate mi ci vorranno parecchi mesi!) E inoltre conviene fondere 2 armi pvp in questa patch?
Аватарка mrAskra
mrAskra 643 минут назад
+Nuke speravo mi dicessi tutto attacco visto quanto costano le crit ahah
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 653 минут назад
Tutto crit
Аватарка mrAskra
mrAskra 673 минут назад
+Nuke full crit o anche qualche pietra attacco?
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 690 минут назад
Se hai un'arma sola ti consiglio di metterci sotto una pve (tipo quella di nara) cosu00ec la usi anche per pve. Pietra gli oggetti che pensi di usare per un bel po' di tempo
Аватарка Sedat Akyol
Sedat Akyol 709 минут назад
fck GF .....
Аватарка Selphie SHJ
Selphie SHJ 720 минут назад
dovevi fallire 12 ultimate enchant stone per il +14 -> +15 come me, sai che bel video usciva fuori! p.s. quella polearm non u00e8 abbastanza alpha per te
Аватарка Nuke
Nuke 730 минут назад
A Granaxx u00e8 successo xd